5.6 Administrative Imposition of Penalties

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1. MINIMUM PENALTIES. The League Administrator shall make an administrative imposition of minimum penalties. The Administrator shall review the match report for each match filed by the referee. When it can be determined from the match report, or from further communication with the referee, that an offense was committed for which there is a specified minimum penalty, then the Administrator shall impose such specified minimum penalty. In the event that there is no specified minimum penalty, or in the event that the matter is of a serious nature, the matter shall be turned over to the Discipline And Procedures Chairman.

2. NO MINIMUM PENALTY FOR SERIOUS OFFENSE. When an offense has no minimum penalty or when it can be determined from the match report or from further communication with the referee, that the facts support a penalty in excess of the minimum, the D&P Chairman, as provided below, may impose an appropriate penalty, subject to appeal as provided in Rule Section 5.3. The President shall appoint an Emergency D&P Panel of five voting members from the Executive Committee. In any case arising under this Section, the D&P Chairman shall furnish the Panel with all available evidence pertaining to the alleged offense. A penalty imposed under this Section must be approved by at least three members of the Panel.

3. NO REFEREE REPORT. If the D&P Committee receives an allegation that an offense has been committed, but no referee report is available, the Committee may hold a hearing on the allegation after giving notice to the affected parties as provided in these Rules; but the Committee may not impose a penalty without holding a hearing.

4. NOTICE OF PENALTIES AND HEARINGS. For all matters covered by administrative penalties, the Discipline And Procedures Chairman shall promptly notify the player and the captain of the affected team(s) of the offense and the penalty imposed. The notice shall include a copy of any Referee reports and Rule 5. The D&P Chairman shall be responsible for setting up any hearings that require action by the D&P Committee and notifying the team captains and referees. The D&P Chairman shall also be responsible for notifying the D&P Committee members of the hearing and notifying the team captains of the outcome of the hearings.

As amended by the AMSA Executive Committee on February 1, 2022.

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