AMSA Summer League Rules

  1. $400 team registration fee for summer.
  2. 9 games; no rain outs or make up games; no reschedules.
  3. One center referee is all that will be assigned to each match, at a fee of $100. Costs are evenly paid by both teams ($50 each).
  4. No individual player registration fee for players who are currently registered with AMSA. Players who are currently registered with an AMSA team may be added to any other team roster free of charge for the Summer (“free Summer registration”).
  5. All new players must register with AMSA for the Summer season. The player registration fee is $40 and is valid only for the Summer season.
  6. All guest players must be registered and on the team’s official roster to be eligible to play. Only players who are registered with that team may be written in on the team’s roster.
  7. No regular season suspension(s) can be served during summer play; however, players on a suspension from the regular season are eligible to play in the Summer, provided that the fine has been paid. Players with extended suspensions are not eligible to play during the Summer.
  8. Penalties for red cards received during the Summer will be the same as during the regular season. Red card suspensions from the Summer season will carry-over to the regular season.
  9. Red cards received during the Summer cannot be appealed.
  10. The No Play List will be maintained throughout the Summer. Captains are responsible for making sure that all players are eligible to play and not on the list.
  11. Teams found to have fielded a suspended or otherwise ineligible player will be subject to the following penalties:
    – First offence: $50 fine; forfeiture of the match; one-match suspension for the player and the Captain.
    – Second offence: The team is suspended from all further summer play, in addition to the penalties listed in AMSA Rule 5.3-C – Participation By An Ineligible Player.
  12. Forfeits: The deadline to notify the AMSA administrator is Thursday by 4 PM, with a $25 forfeit fine; if forfeit notice is sent after the Thursday deadline, the penalty will include the $80 Referee fee plus the forfeit fine (increases to $35 from 4 PM on Thursday to 12 noon on Friday; $50 after Friday at 12 noon).

As amended June 2020.