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PLEASE NOTE: Austin Men’s Soccer Association is a not a professional league. If you are looking for a professional soccer team then look elsewhere.

ATX United FC is proud to be the largest club in the league. Our size is what helps us connect players of all types with their perfect squad. We’re currently looking for goalkeepers to join our teams in several different divisions- Premier, Division 1, Over-30 Premier, and others. We’ll have a place for you as the new #1 on one of our squads. Beer, shade, and supporters provided. Our admins are very responsive and organized – reach us anytime at Cheers!

Austin Athletic Club (AAC) is seeking a few players to improve our squads. We are currently running open age D1, O30B and O40 Premier teams. We are looking for players for all positions. We are a family-friendly club with a strict “no asshole policy”. We are competitive but by the same token, acknowledge that this is Sunday soccer and we all want to have fun. We are building a great community of like-minded people AAC doesn’t hold tryouts, but requests you join us for practice to see if you mesh. Contact Rory Bebbington for more details:

Austin Power is seeking a few players to fill out our squads. We are currently running open age D4, O30 B and an O40 B teams. The open age team is looking for attacking midfielders willing to drop back and help on defense and a fulltime goalkeeper. O30 B is seeking some strong defensive players especially a center back or two, but all other positions may help the squad with a better sub rotation. O40 B is just in need of a few more players, so we don’t have to run nonstop. APFC doesn’t hold tryouts, but requests you join us for practice to see if you mesh. Contact for more details. APFC is a traditionally gay team that prides itself in diversity and acceptance. We play soccer for fun, but like to be competitive as well.

Celtic Cowboys 40A (Over 40A) is a competitive Over 40 team with a solid core of players. We are currently seekin’ highly motivated, highly competitive players to fill out the remainder of our squad in pursuit of O40A title challenge. Required: Every position includin’ GK must be: Both technically & tactically adept; Willin’ to take on players 1v1; Composed on the ball; Have ability & willingness to move/create space off of the ball. Preferred: Have decent level of fitness comin’ in or ability to get there quickly. Be fully mobile (no limited mobility). Above all else, be willin’ & able to turn off, relax, and enjoy camaraderie post-match, at trainin’, and at club events! We are currently trainin’ every Sunday morning. If this sounds like you, please reach out to Clint Scranton and come join us for some of the “Best Craic in Texas”

Lofty Goals O40A is looking for a keeper with the option of playing some defense as well. Please contact

Mean Green (D1) is looking for committed players of all positions to join us for the upcoming season. Please contact

Romulans Over 50 Team  Looking for two committed players: one midfielder and one full back. Please contact Frank Miller.

FC Wolverine is looking for players for our open age teams in AMSA Division 3 and 4. We are also looking for players for our age restricted divisions of O30B, O40A and Over 50. Please send an email to for more information. 

Una Mas is looking for a competitive keeper. Ideal if you can play the field if needed too. Currently playing in AMSA Division 3. Please contact Jason if interested at

VTX United FC: Our O30 category is looking for a committed goalkeeper, ideal if can play the field as well… at the same time for reliable and experienced players for all other positions. Please send us an email:

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