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    PLEASE NOTE: Austin Men’s Soccer Association is a not a professional league. If you are looking for a professional soccer team then look elsewhere.

    ATX United FC is proud to be the largest club in the league. We’re currently looking for quality players to join our teams in divisions- Premier, Division 1, Over-30 Premier, O40A and other divisions. We are also looking for a Premier level goalkeeper. Connect with us via
    ATX United FC Indigo is looking for a goalie to play In the O30 Premier division for the 23/24 spring season. Please contact –

    Austin City FC is looking for a goalie to play on our O30 Premier team.

    Austin Express FC is in need of a goalkeeper, preferably with high level experience (~collegiate level). Contact, Rizik Afara:

    Austin Athletic Club (AAC) is seeking multiple players to improve all our teams which consist of 3 newly promoted Premier league teams in Open Age, Over 30 and Over 40. We are looking for players for all positions but, a main priority is a top level Goalkeeper for Open Age Premier. We are a family-friendly club with a strict “no asshole policy”. We are competitive but by the same token, acknowledge that this is Sunday soccer and we all want to have fun. We are building a great community of like-minded people who want to be competitive, make new friends and enjoy playing soccer together. AAC doesn’t hold tryouts, but requests you join us for practice to see if you mesh. Contact Rory Bebbington for more details:

    Austin Power is looking to strengthen its squads with some additional fun and carefree players. It is primarily seeking players for its O40 and O30 B squads, but it also manages an open age D4 team. The O40 B team is hoping for a full time goalkeeper, a few defensive minded players and mids to keep a sub rotation going. If you like to run, we like you. The O30 B is seeking some strong defensive players, especially a center back or two, but all other positions may help the squad with a better sub rotation. There are next to no openings on the open age squad, but give us a buzz if you want to join anyway; we can see if it works out.
    APFC doesn’t hold tryouts, but requests you join us for practice to see if you mesh. Contact for more details. APFC is a traditionally gay team that prides itself in diversity and acceptance. We play soccer for fun, but like to be competitive as well.

    CA FC is looking for players to join our men’s D4 team. Our needs are primarily on Defense, but we welcome any position to join a fun team of primarily international players. We have a strong support group in our wives/girlfriends who always come to cheer and yell at us to run harder. Great opportunity for you and your significant other to come network, play ball, and have fun. Reach out to Erik LaRue at or call/txt 832 . 740 . 0417 if interested. 

    COTA FC in AMSA O50 Division is looking for a goalkeeper.

    Deportivo La Real is kicking off this season and are looking to add players (all positions) in a competitive roster. College and Academy experience is preferred. Contact Nick at

    Diablos O50 are looking for a full-time keeper.

    Lofty Goals O40A is looking for a keeper with the option of playing some defense as well. Please contact

    Lokomotiv Zilker (AMSA Premier Division) is looking for a high level first team GK! Some play in the field will be available but must be a primary GK.

    Mean Green is proud to be the most chill team in the league. We’re currently looking for quality players to join our team in AMSA Division 2 with an eagerness to compete for a spot in AMSA Division 1 next year. Need players for all positions and experience in goal will give you bonus points. If you are committed to playing most games, take conditioning seriously outside of practices, and a good team player we’d love for you to join us. Please reach out via email at and include a little about yourself, your experience level, and any additional details that would be helpful to get us started.

    Romulans Over 50 Team Looking for two committed players: one midfielder and one full back. Please contact Frank Miller.

    FC Wolverine is looking for players for our open age teams in AMSA Division 3 and 4. We are also looking for players for our age restricted divisions of O30B, O40A and Over 50. Please send an email to for more information. 

    Una Mas is looking for a competitive keeper. Ideal if you can play the field if needed too. Currently playing in AMSA Division 3. Please contact Jason if interested at

    VTX United FC‘s family is seeking reliable, competitive, and experienced players for our two categories (O30 and all ages) to play in the upcoming 23/24 season.
    VTX United Div 2: We are looking for 2-4 players to fill attacking positions and outside backs!
    VTX United O30: We are looking for An experienced and reliable goalkeeper who can commit full-time or as a back up!
    If you’re interested, please contact with us via email or Instagram.
    Email: Instagram: @vtxunited