5.8 Carryover Of Violations And Penalties

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1. DEFINITIONS. Any reference in these Rules to “full season” or “regular season” shall mean the season consisting of a Fall Round and a Spring Round taken together, including any cup tournament involving only AMSA teams, but shall not include a Summer season, any other special season, or any tournament involving teams from other leagues. A “Round” shall mean the Fall, Spring, Summer or other special season taken alone.

2. CARRYOVER OF VIOLATIONS, CARDS & MISCONDUCT POINTS. Unless otherwise specified in these Rules, repeated violations shall accumulate over a full season. This includes (a) multiple violations of any rule which carries a greater penalty for subsequent violations, as, for example, participation in a match by an ineligible player; (b) accumulation of Yellow Cards or Red Cards by a player; and (c) accumulation of misconduct points by a team. Any violations occurring during a full season shall not carryover to a Summer season or any other special season.   Penalties for Red Cards (but no other violations) committed during a Summer season or any other special season shall carryover to a regular season.

3. CARRYOVER OF PENALTIES. Any fine not paid, or suspension not served, during any season, regular or Summer, shall carryover to the next season, and shall continue in effect until paid or served.

4. SPECIAL PROVISION FOR SUMMER: Any unpaid fines from the regular season must be paid in order for the player to be eligible to play during the Summer, provided the player is not on an extended suspension.

As amended by the AMSA Executive Committee on February 1, 2022.

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