5.11 Multiple-Registration Players

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If a fine or penalty is assessed against a player (“multi-player”) who is registered to play for more than one team,

a. The amount of the fine shall be the same as for a player registered for only one team.

b. A suspension shall be measured by match-days, rather than matches, and shall apply for the specified number of match-days to all teams for whom the player is registered. A “match-day” is a day on which a match is played by any team for which the offending player is registered.

By way of example, if a multi-player receives a three-match suspension while playing for his primary team, he would be suspended from all of the following matches during the next three match-days:
Match-Day One: Only his secondary team plays.
Match-Day Two: Both his primary and secondary teams play.
Match-Day Three: Only his primary team plays.

c. A multi-player who is ejected from a match shall not play in any subsequent match on the same day, but the day of the ejection shall not count as a “match-day” in the computation of any resulting suspension. Violation of the foregoing rule shall double any resulting suspension imposed on the player, but shall not cause the affected team to forfeit, unless it is shown that the team was aware of the previous ejection before the match began.

d. A player may appeal the total number of suspended games.

As amended by the AMSA Executive Committee on February 1, 2022.

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