4.1.4 Starting Times

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If one or both teams are not ready at the scheduled time, the referee shall allow a ten minute grace period. “Ready” means having a roster card ready and at least seven players in uniform, ready for inspection of equipment. If a team is not present and ready after the ten minute grace period and the other is ready, the ready team may choose to allow an additional ten minute grace period, or to require the referee to forfeit the game in their favor immediately. If a team is not ready after the second grace period, the match shall be forfeited against them. After the grace period(s) and the game is played, the delay time will be deducted from game time if necessary to accommodate the ending time. All 8:00 am games will start on time. In the event a start-time is delayed because one or both teams are not ready, the match may be shortened as needed; and in such event, both halves will be shortened accordingly. A match may not be shortened because a referee is not ready.

As amended by the AMSA Executive Committee on February 1, 2022.

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