4.1.3 Uniforms

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1. All field players must have uniforms comprising shirts, shorts, socks that are a close match or similar to that team’s designated color for each part of the uniform. The jerseys must be numbered permanently on the back with at least eight inch numerals. Players may not change numbers during the game. “Magic Marker” or similar marking material and taped on numbers are not allowed. Referees shall waive the foregoing rules so long as a team’s uniforms are in substantial compliance.
2. Shin guards must be worn at all times. In the event that a player is not wearing them he will be asked to leave the field to put on a pair. Socks must cover shin guards during play.
3. No two field players may have the same number.
4. If one Captain and the Referee agree that there is a color conflict, the designated visiting team must change. A color conflict exists when the uniforms of both teams are so similar that confusion is likely to result.
5. Fitbits and similar wearable technology devices must be covered by a wristband.

As amended by the AMSA Executive Committee on February 1, 2022.

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