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A registered player may move from one team or club to another by submitting a transfer request to the Administrator and paying an additional player registration fee. The Transfer is considered effective when (1) the player has been removed from his old team’s roster, and (2) the player has been added to the new team’s roster. The Administrator shall notify the Captain of the transferor team in advance of any transfer. Transfer shall not be approved if the player owes fines or team dues.

a. From the beginning of the season until the end of February a player may change teams without delay once provided all of the proper procedures have been followed. A player who changes teams a second time during this interval is not eligible to play in the next four games played by the new team.

b. From March 1 until the start of the summer season no transfers will be permitted.

c. The four game sit-out requirement shall be waived for players changing from teams that have folded in mid-season. The Executive Committee or its agents may also waive the requirement if the player can show that he did not play in the preceding four games played by the team he is leaving.

d. This rule does not apply to multiple registrations.

As amended by the AMSA Executive Committee on February 1, 2022.

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