Executive Committee

The Austin Men’s Soccer Association is governed by its Executive Committee which is made up of AMSA Officers and Division Commissioners.  The Executive Committee reports to the AMSA Board of Captains. Please email the AMSA Administrator if you need contact information for any EC members.

AMSA Officers

  • President: Matt Prewett
  • Past President: Zeke Stephens
  • Vice President: Roberto Silva
  • Treasurer & Field Commissioner: Austin Manning
  • Senior Commissioner: Nigel Bowman
  • Rules & Policies Commissioner: Phil Friday

AMSA Division Commissioners

  • Senior Commissioner Nigel Bowman (Austin Thunder FC)
  • Premier Commissioner Rizik Afara (Austin Express FC)
  • Division 1 Commissioner: Lee Gould (Austin Thunder FC)
  • Division 2 Commissioner: VACANT
  • Division 3 Commissioner: VACANT
  • Division 4 Commissioner Mason Canales (Austin Power FC)
  • 030 Premier Commissioner Mike Butterworth (Austin Thunder FC)
  • 030A Commissioner Tom McCarthy (South Austin FC)
  • 030B Commissioner Kevin Fricke (Austin Athletic Club)
  • O40P Commissioner: VACANT
  • O40A Commissioner Jonathon Tack (FC Wolverine)
  • O40B Commissioner Chris Murphy (ATX United FC)
  • 050 Commissioner Scott Thomsen

AMSA Committees

  • Chair of the Competition Committee: Nigel Bowman
  • Chair of the Discipline & Procedures Committee: Jonathon Tack
  • Chair of the Field Sub-Committee: Austin Manning
  • Chair of the Referee Sub-Committee: Jonathon Tack
  • Chair of the Technology and Website Sub-Committee: Kevin Fricke