Articles V-IX



SECTION 1:  MEETINGS:  The BOARD shall meet semi-annually in January and August to elect its officers, to authorize general categories of expenses which may be incurred and paid with the approval of the President, and to conduct whatever business its members present for consideration.  Other meetings shall be held upon a call by the President after notice has been given to each BOARD member at least five days prior to meeting.  The President shall also call meetings upon demand made in writing by at least 1/3 of the BOARD members.

SECTION 2:  QUORUM:  Any number of Captains present shall constitute a quorum at a duly noticed meeting.

SECTION 3:  PRESIDING OFFICER:  The President shall preside at all meetings.  In his absence, the Vice-President shall preside.  The President shall be entitled to vote on all matters, or he may waive the right to do so.

SECTION 4:  MINUTES:  Written minutes shall be made of each BOARD meeting reflecting all significant decisions.  All rules and policy of the Association shall be reduced to writing.  The results of all mail votes shall be preserved. All of the foregoing shall be kept as part of the permanent records of the Association, and a copy shall be mailed to each BOARD member and officer.


SECTION 1:  AUTHORIZATION OF EXPENDITURES:  The BOARD shall authorize general categories of expenses which may be incurred and paid with the approval of the President.  No expenses not within such categories shall be incurred without prior approval of the BOARD except as authorized under ARTICLE IV, SECTION 6 of the Constitution of AMSA.

SECTION 2:  RECORDS:  Detailed records shall be kept by the Treasurer of all income and expenses.  The President shall see that a written report of finances is made to the Board semi-annually or at any time such a report is requested by at least three Board members.  Any Officer or Board Member shall have the right to review the financial records of the Association upon request.

SECTION 3: AUDIT: The Executive Committee shall cause an independent audit to be conducted in each even-numbered year.  The audit shall be conducted by a professional auditor who shall not be a member of the Executive Committee or the Board.  The audit shall be performed according to standards customarily applied to non-profit organizations.  The audit shall include a review of all of the Association’s transactions and accounts during the period since the previous audit.  The audit report shall be made available to the Executive Committee and, upon request, to any member of the Board.

ARTICLE VII:  COMMITTEES AND DELEGATES:  The President shall appoint all committees and the Chairman thereof, with the exception of the Executive Committee, subject to disapproval by the BOARD OF CAPTAINS. The President may appoint delegates to any soccer association or league meetings, subject to disapproval by a majority vote of the BOARD.

ARTICLE VIII:  REMOVAL OF OFFICERS:  The President, Vice-President, or any other officer shall be subject to removal from office, for cause, upon a vote of 2/3 majority of the entire BOARD, after notice in writing by the party seeking removal to all BOARD members and the officer sought to be removed, given at least ten days in advance of BOARD meeting.  The Party sought to be removed shall be entitled to be heard by the BOARD in his own defense.  In addition, the President shall have the power to remove from office, for cause, any officer appointed by him, subject to disapproval of a majority of the BOARD.

ARTICLE IX:  AMENDMENTS:  Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws of the ASSOCIATION shall be made by 2/3 majority vote of the entire BOARD.  Each BOARD member shall be given at least ten days’ notice in writing of the proposed amendment(s).  Changes in the laws of the game or rules and policy of the ASSOCIATION shall be made by a majority vote of the BOARD members represented at a duly constituted meeting.  A vote by mail may be taken in lieu of meeting on any of the foregoing matters.

As amended by the Board of Captains on August 30, 2021.

AMSA Constitution Articles I – IV