Spring 2020 Team Registration Information

Team registration for the Spring 2020 Round is open through Sunday, January 19th! 
To register, log into your Ateamo account and click on the Spring 2020 Registration link, or click on this link: https://register.ateamo.com/539ab96775ba4909e49a4a397b5e40b5.


  • Early Registration at $600 fee: Dec. 9 to Jan. 5 (4 weeks)
  • Late Registration at $650 fee: Jan. 6 to Jan. 12 (1 week)
  • Late Registration at $700 fee:  Jan. 13 to Jan. 19 (1 week)

Referee fees will remain the same as Fall 2019: $130 for 3-person crew ($65 per team); $110 for 2-person crew ($55 per team); $80 for single ref ($40 per team). Ref fees are to be paid in cash (exact change) to the Center Referee prior to each game.

The designated Spring 2020 game dates are listed below.

Games are played at Onion Creek Soccer Complex and at one of the Travis County parks (either Northeast Metro Park or East Metro Park) on Sundays. Field assignments for each division are rotated each Sunday, in accordance with AMSA’s Scheduling Policy.


  • If you are brand new to AMSA, you will need to set up an account in Ateamo (www.ateamo.com) and create your team in order to register.
  • If you already have an account in Ateamo, please do not create a brand new account. Just log into your current Ateamo account and create your team.
  • All new teams are required to pay the $200 team bond (security deposit) in addition to the team registration fee. The team bond is basically a security deposit and is refundable if the team leaves the League (less any outstanding fees or fines owed to AMSA). The team bond must be paid by the final team registration deadline (Jan. 19th).
  • We cannot guarantee that your team will be placed in the division that you request when you register.

Players with unpaid player fines are ineligible to play for any team in any AMSA competition. Player fines will remain the responsibility of the team whose player incurred the fine, if not paid by the player. Any fines not paid by the end of a Round must be paid before the team will be allowed to complete registration for the next Round. Any player whose fine is paid by his team shall remain ineligible until his team is reimbursed for the fine.

Designated Spring 2020 game dates – mark your calendar!
week 1: Feb. 16
week 2: Feb. 23
week 3: Mar. 1
week 4: Mar. 8
week 5: Mar. 22
week 6: Mar. 29
week 7: Apr. 5
week 8: Apr. 19
week 9: Apr. 26
week 10/make-ups: May 3
week 11/make-ups: May 17

No games scheduled:
Mar. 15: 1st Sunday of Spring Break
Apr. 12: Easter Sunday
May 10: Mother’s Day

If you have any questions or if you need help with registration, please contact the League Administrator Jenni Jones.