AMSA Futsal League Information

  • AMSA’s Spring 2021 Futsal League will run for 10 weeks, starting in the week of March 22nd.
  • Games will be played at SG33 Soccer, which is an indoor facility located at 13015 Dessau Rd. The facility has 3 official FUTSAL-sized courts/fields; the surface is artificial turf..
  • Games will be scheduled at 7, 8, 9 and 10 PM (depending on the total number of teams that register).
  • Futsal League will have 4 divisions: Open; Over 30; Over 40; Over 50.
  • For a division to be active, we will need at least 6 teams; if a division does not have the minimum number of teams that division will merge with the age group below that. For example: If Over 40 has 6 teams and Over 50 has 3 teams, then Over 40 will play with 9 teams.
  • If more than 12 teams register for a division, that division will be divided into sub-groups (ex: Over 40 D1, Over 40 D2). The division of the groups will be made by draw supervised by the AMSA Competition Committee.
  • Division winners will receive the traditional Champions t-shirt for each player on their team.

Futsal Fee Information:

  • The team registration fee will be $500 for a 10-game season.
  • The player registration fee will be $5 for each team the player registers with.
  • The Referee fee is $30 total per game; each team will pay the Ref $15.

Futsal Team Registration link: NOTE: Registration will be open from February 25th to March 14th.

Futsal League – COVID-19 Guidelines

Futsal Rules:

  • 5 players versus 5 players, one of which will be a Goalkeeper.
  • Subs on the fly in front of team’s own bench.
  • No offsides.
  • No slide tackles, players must not go to ground to steal possession back.
  • No Throw-ins from the sidelines. Instead, ball is placed on ground and passed in to a teammate with the foot.
  • Free kicks and corners the opposing team has to be minimum of 5 yards away from the ball.
  • With a penalty kick, all players behind the ball except for the penalty kicker.
  • Games will be two halves of 25 minutes each (clock never stops) with 5 minutes half time rest.
  • No time-outs.
  • There is no limitation for the goal clearance. Ball can be played from goalie with his hands anywhere in the court. Goalie has 4 seconds to play the ball.
  • Standing rules will be same as AMSA 11v11 rules.
  • Any conflict not listed will be decided by the AMSA Competition Committee.