Zero Tolerance Policy

The League has  “zero tolerance” regarding any taunting, discrimination, bigotry, foul, abusive or threatening language directed towards other players, referees, or fans based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

Referees are urged to treat such instances as Foul and Abusive Language in all cases.

Referees are asked to punish such instances appropriately in all cases—with a verbal Caution, Yellow Card or Red Card—according to the severity of the situation and their own judgment.

A “zero tolerance policy” means a referee can issue an immediate red card in such incidences if he/she deems it appropriate.

In accordance with our “zero tolerance policy,” the AMSA D&P Committee holds the right to hear and review any accusations of such behavior, and levy punishments accordingly.  These punishments may be up to and including individual players or teams being suspended from one or more matches or removed from the League entirely, based upon the severity of the actions and the track record of each guilty party.