Scheduling Policy


The following principles shall govern the preparation of schedules for each Season:

  1. Insofar as mathematically possible, each Division shall have a number of matches on each field-complex that is equal to the number of matches played by every other Division on each field complex over the course of a Season.  (By way of example, if there are fourteen (14) Divisions in a given Season, and there is a need to utilize four (4) fields at NEMP on each weekend of an eighteen (18)-match Season, each team would play no more than five (5) nor fewer than four (4) matches at NEMP over the course of the entire Season.)
  2. Insofar as mathematically possible, each team shall have an equal number of matches in each time-slot over the course of a Season.  (By way of example, over an eighteen-match Season with five (5) time-slots on each match-day, each team would have no more than four (4), nor fewer than three (3) matches in each time-slot.)
  3. Requests for scheduling which varies from the foregoing principles must be submitted to the AMSA Administrator before the final deadline for team registration.
  4. Notwithstanding the foregoing, after publication of the schedule prior to the beginning of each Round, any team requesting a variance from field- or time-assignments shall submit such request to the Administrator no later than 10 days prior to the first scheduled match. The Administrator shall then immediately notify all other teams in that Division. If any other team objects to the Administrator within three (3) days of the notice, the change shall be denied, unless failure to grant the request would result in a forfeit or other harsh consequence for the requesting team. In such event, the decision to grant or deny the request shall be made by the Senior Commissioner, in consultation with the Administrator.

As Amended April 2019.

Please also refer to AMSA Rules – 6.0 Scheduling Rules