Onion Creek Soccer Complex Field Use Policy

The Austin Men’s Soccer Association (“AMSA”) has the primary right to use the Onion Creek Soccer Complex (“OCSC”) under a Use Agreement (“Agreement”) with the City of Austin.  The Agreement runs for a period of twenty-five (25) years, through May 27, 2029, plus two ten-year options-to-renew.  AMSA also has the obligation to maintain the OCSC fields during the term of the Agreement.

The following policies shall guide the use of the fields.  Applicable provisions of the Agreement are cited in brackets throughout this Policy.  All such provisions are contained in Section VII of the Agreement.  All references to “PARD” denote the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Austin.

I. Use by AMSA Membership.

A. Scheduled Use.  OCSC fields are available for regularly-scheduled use by member-teams, either in league or tournament competition.  The fields may not be used for practice or informal play by either member-teams or member-individuals, except as specifically permitted in other formal written policies.

B. No Use After Cancellation.  No member-team or member-individual may use a field if their regularly-scheduled match has been rained-out or cancelled for any reason.  (This policy shall not apply to forfeited matches or matches without referees, which are governed by other policies.)

II. Balancing Maintenance and Play.

A. Overall Policy.  Although AMSA’s primary purpose is to provide soccer play for its membership, AMSA shall strive to maintain the fields in good condition at all times.  It is important to strike a balance between the need to maintain the fields in good condition over the long-term, and the desirability to play matches when scheduled.

B. Cancellation of AMSA Matches.  In the event of rain, snow or flood, matches involving AMSA member-teams shall be cancelled in accordance with AMSA’s Rain-Out Policy, if a field has standing water or is squishy.  Any decision to cancel a match shall be made by the officials, and according to the procedures, as set forth in AMSA’s Rain-Out Policy.

C. Cancellation of Activities Involving AMSA Sub-Lessees.  From time-to-time, AMSA intends to sub-lease the fields to other teams and organizations (“sub-lessees”).  With respect to an activity or match involving AMSA’s sub-lessees, AMSA may cancel the same at any time when it appears that permitting play may cause damage to the field.  Any decision to cancel shall be made by the officials authorized to do so under AMSA’s Rain-Out Policy, free of any other restriction in said policy.

III. Priority of Use.

A. AMSA’s Priority Right.  AMSA has the first priority right to use OCSC for its league and tournament play.  [Subsec. B]

B. AMSA’s Obligations to Other Organizations.  AMSA has an obligation to make the fields available to others as follows:

1. City of Austin.  To the City of Austin, free of charge, for “City sponsored soccer events,” at least 10 days per calendar year (but not more than four Sundays).  The City is obliged to request these dates 120 days in advance, but AMSA is expected to cooperate on shorter notice if it has not previously scheduled the time-slots.  [Subsec. C-14]

2. Other Organizations.  To other organizations for soccer use, subject to availability, AMSA’s priority right of use, and proper field maintenance requirements.  AMSA may charge user fees to the other organizations.  [Subsec. C-15]

3. Unorganized Play.  To the general public for “unorganized play,” defined in the Agreement as “individual, family or recreational use, for example, tossing a ball or Frisbee, flying a kite etc., or other non-organized activity that does not harm the fields.”  [Subsec. C-16]

4. PARD Recreation Centers.  To PARD recreation centers and programs for the purpose of youth play, but not including “organized youth play on a regular basis.”  [Subsec. C-18]

C. AMSA’s Right to Sub-Lease to Other Organizations.  AMSA has the right to sub-lease the fields to other organizations, and to charge fees, subject to certain limitations. [Subsec. C-4 & 15]

1. Priority.  The following priorities shall guide sub-leasing of the fields to other organizations (“sub-lessees”):

a. Soccer and Non-Soccer Activities.  Priority should be given to soccer activities over non-soccer activities.  In general, non-soccer activities are not favored.  No non-soccer activity shall be allowed if there is a reasonable likelihood that it would have a negative impact on the fields.

b. Tournament and League Play.  Priority should be given to tournament over league play.

c. Youth and Adult Users.  Priority should be given to youth organizations over adult organizations.

d. Adult League Play.  With respect to adult league play, priority shall be given to Austin Co-ed Soccer Association (“ACSA”).

2.  User Fees. AMSA may collect user fees from other soccer organizations.   [Subsec. C-4]

a. Amount of User Fees.  User fees may be “no greater than the current fees then charged by PARD for similar use.”

b. Schedule of User Fees.  AMSA shall propose a schedule of fees to PARD, and PARD shall not unreasonably withhold its approval.

3. Tournament Fees, Donations and Fund-Raising.  AMSA may also charge fees for tournaments, solicit donations and raise funds through other means, so long as AMSA applies the funds to maintenance of the fields.  [Subsec. C-5]

a. Amount of Tournament Fees.  Tournament fees should be no greater than the current fees then charged by PARD for similar use.  Tournament fees should be a consistent amount for all sub-lessees.

b. Schedule of Tournament Fees.  AMSA should file a schedule of tournament fees with PARD.

D. Re-Scheduling AMSA Member-Teams.  AMSA member-teams have first right of use for league and tournament play.  AMSA shall not sub-lease a field that has been previously scheduled for AMSA member-teams, unless AMSA can provide another field of similar quality on the same date.

IV. Scheduling.

A. AMSA Schedules.

1. AMSA League Play.  League matches shall be scheduled on consecutive weekends, except as follows:

a. Preservation of Fields.  In the event a field deteriorates to the point where continued play is reasonably likely to cause serious damage, a moratorium in scheduling may be declared, and matches already scheduled may be re-scheduled.

b. Use by Sub-Lessees.  Not more than one Sunday per round (Fall, Spring or Summer) may be set aside for use by sub-lessees.

c. Holidays.  League matches shall not be scheduled on Easter, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s weekend.

2. PARD Approval.  AMSA shall provide PARD with use schedules on an on-going basis.  AMSA shall provide the schedules as they are drawn or revised, at least 20 days in advance of each month.  The schedule is subject to PARD approval, “which shall not be unreasonably withheld.” [Subsec. C-2]

B. Schedules of Sub-Lessees.  All sub-lessees shall provide AMSA with a schedule of their use no later than twenty-eight (28) days in advance of the commencement of league or tournament play, or upon the date that AMSA grants them the right to use the fields, whichever comes later.

V. Prohibited Uses.  The fields may not be used at any time for any of the following activities:

A. Golf, baseball, softball, kickball, rugby, or American football

B. Motorized vehicles;

C. Fires;

D. Camping; or

E. Any other activity that is detrimental to the fields.