Games With No Officials

AMSA Policy Regarding Games With No Officials

1. If by 5:00PM on the day before a game is scheduled, there is no scheduled official posted in Arbiter, the affected teams may, by mutual agreement, elect to postpone the game without waiting until game-time.  The team captains shall immediately notify the Referee Scheduler and the Field Scheduler.  If no postponement has been agreed by 5:00PM, a game may not be postponed until game-time, as provided below.

2. If on the day of the game, no official has been found by 10 minutes after game-time—

a. either team may elect to cancel and re-schedule the game.  The teams shall contact the Referee Scheduler and the League Administrator regarding re-scheduling; or

b. by agreement, the teams may elect to play a counting game without a referee or with an unofficial referee.

Within the context of this section #2, if a qualified center referee is found within 10 minutes of game-time, whether or not that referee was scheduled to officiate that game, the game may not be cancelled.

3. If a game is cancelled, any number of players may play an informal game or practice.