Barbeque Policy

Austin Men’s Soccer Association


AMSA recognizes that teams enjoy barbecuing at the field. AMSA supports barbecues, as long as they are managed responsibly. But trash and hot coals from barbecues have increasingly become a maintenance problem.

The following guidelines will apply to barbecues from now on:

1) Gas grills are preferred, to avoid problems from burning coals.

2) If charcoal grills are used, teams must—

a. Douse all coals, and

b. Remove the coals from the Complex.

3) Teams must also remove all trash generated by the barbecue, to avoid overflowing trash cans at the fields.

Teams who fail to douse and remove coals, or who fail to remove trash, will be penalized as follows:

First offense: $50 fine.

Second offense: Deduction of three (3) points in standings.