Fall 2020 Team Registration Information


WE HAVE ALSO ADDED 7v7 FOR THIS FALL – click here for more information!

RETURNING TEAMS: Just log into your Ateamo account and click on the registration link of your choice on your homepage, or you can click on one of these direct links:
11v11 – $600 fee: https://register.ateamo.com/9ae5d3b0113df6ccb58e757030f02c24
7v7 – $400 fee: https://register.ateamo.com/6a8767335bbe29e4d0d03cfc4437b8c0.
NOTE: If you wish to use the $200 credit from Spring 2020 toward your team’s Fall registration, please register first (but don’t pay) BY 4 PM ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 28TH, then email the AMSA Administrator so that she can apply the credit before you make your payment.

NEW TEAMS: Please see the Team Registration Information for New Teams at the bottom of this page and contact the AMSA Administrator for help with setting up your team.

Please note the following:

  • Returning teams should register and pay by the end of the “early” registration period in order to guarantee a place in the League.
  • All outstanding fines and fees from previous seasons must be paid by August 30th in order for the team to be allowed to complete registration for the Fall Round, per AMSA rule 5.9.
  • Player registration for the 2020-21 season will open on Tuesday, September 1st. NOTE: For the 2020-21 season, the player registration fee will be $20 for each round (e.g., $20 for Fall; $20 for Spring); multi-registered players must pay the $20 fee for each team they register with, for each round. Please see Player Registration Information on https://www.austinmenssoccer.com/registration/ for more information.
  • Referee fees for the 2020-21 season will remain the same:
    • 3-person crew: $130
    • 2-person crew: $110
    • Single Center: $80

Tentative Fall 2020 game dates:
week 1: Sep. 13
week 2: Sep. 20
week 3: Sep. 27
week 4: Oct. 4
week 5: Oct. 11
week 6: Oct. 18
week 7: Oct. 25
week 8: Nov. 1
week 9: Nov. 8
Make-up dates for rain-outs:
Nov. 15
Nov. 22
Nov. 29

Team Registration Information for New Teams

  • The AMSA regular season consists of the Fall Round (September – mid-November) and the Spring Round (mid-February – early May).
  • The team registration fee during the regular season is $600 per round ($600 for Fall, and $600 for Spring) during the first 4 weeks of the registration period. Late fees are applied during the final 2 weeks of the registration period ($50 late fee during the first week of late registration; $100 late fee during the second week of late registration).
  • Additionally, all new teams are required to pay a $200 team bond (security deposit). The team bond is refunded only if a team leaves the League (less any outstanding fees or fines).
  • Teams are also responsible for 50% of the referee fees for each game (to be paid in cash to the referees before the game).