Referee Information

The Austin Men’s Soccer Association (AMSA) couldn’t exist without the men and women who officiate our games.  As our League continues to grow, AMSA will continue to need more and more referees to accommodate an ever increasing number of games. Referees must be USSF-certified at Grade 8 or higher to officiate for AMSA.

To recruit and retain qualified referees, AMSA has committed itself to:

  • Pay center referees $50 per game, assistant referees (ARs) $30, and single center referees $60.  Base referee pay is paid in cash by participating teams at the time of the game.  During summer play only one referee is assigned per game; that referee will receive $60 per game. (Fee increase effective Spring 2013)
  • To encourage higher grade referees to officiate AMSA games, pay Grade 7+ refs a $3 incentive bonus for each game, Grade 6 refs a $5 bonus, and Grade 5 refs and above a $7 bonus.  Bonuses are paid by a check from the Association at the end of each Round during the Regular Season (i.e., at the end of the Fall Round, and at the end of the Spring Round) and at the end of the Summer Season.  Referees must referee at least 10 documented games before they will be eligible for any bonuses.
  • Reimburse newly-certified Grade 8 referees the cost of their certification and training (up to $80) after they have officiated 10 AMSA games during their first year of refereeing for AMSA.
  • Provide a Referee Hospitality Table at the Onion Creek Soccer Complex and at the off-site fields during the majority of the fall and spring season games.

For information about refereeing for the Austin Men’s Soccer Association, please contact our Referee Development Coordinator, Aubrey Daniels at or at 512-517-0862.

All Referees seeking Assessments, whether maintenance or upgrade, must have officiated in a minimum of four games during the current League season. This also applies to members of their assessment crew.

Referee Training & Recerticfication
Prior to the fall and spring seasons, AMSA will post on this page any training and/or recertification opportunities for AMSA-affiliated referees.  In addition to those clinics that AMSA organizes, the South Texas Soccer Referees, Inc. (STSR) lists both statewide and local training opportunities at different times of the year (