OCSC Field Rental Information

If you are interested in renting a field at the Onion Creek Soccer Complex (OCSC), please contact the AMSA Administrator, Jenni Jones at jenni@austinmenssoccer.com or at (512) 795-8538.

*The fields cannot be rented for baseball, softball, kickball, rugby, or American football, due to the potential for damage to the turf.
*Hitting golf balls, paragliding, the use of metal detectors, and flying of remote-control aircraft are not allowed at OCSC, per City of Austin Park Rules.
*The fields cannot be rented for practices.

Onion Creek Soccer Complex Rental Fees
(Effective April 2014)

Regular Field Rental: $199 per field/per day
This rental amount applies to non-income-generating regular youth or adult regular season games, playoffs, or friendlies. Typically, these rental opportunities are for Saturday play when the complex isn’t closed (1) for maintenance or (2) to protect the fields.

Tournament Field Rental: $399 per field/per day
This rental amount applies to tournament or other special events. Typically, the complex is available for income-generating field rental during weekdays or during long holiday weekends (e.g., Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving) but not during off-season (see above).

Summer Camp Field Rental: $199/field/4 hours or $299/field/day
This rental amount applies to summer soccer camps and any other summer weekday uses. This type of rental is the exception of Provision 3 below in that fewer than four fields can be rented for this purpose during summer weekdays. If fewer than 4 fields are rented then there is an additional $100 setup fee to open the complex and setup the facility for the day. The $100 setup fee is per day.

Miscellaneous Field Preparation Fee: Price quoted per application
This fee shall be assessed at the renter’s request to have the AMSA field operator set up benches and transport teams’ equipment and supplies to and from the fields. This is necessary to prevent unauthorized vehicles from driving into the field area.

Alternate Field Lining\Goal Displacement Fee: Price quoted per application
Other non-soccer sports such as Aussie Rules Football, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Hurling, and Gaelic Football require specific dimensions for a regulation field. Temporary lines can only be established by the AMSA field operator. The event could require the goals to be displaced as well. A quote will include amounts to re-line the fields and/or return goals for their original intent. The provided quote will be specific to the rental agreement. At a minimum this fee starts at $300.

General Provisions

  1. All rental fees are turn-key, including the cost of opening and closing the complex, putting up nets and flags, and putting out and collecting garbage cans at each rented field.
  2. The “Priority of Use” section of the AMSA Onion Creek Soccer Complex Field Use Policy determines the priority order of which groups can rent the fields. (http://www.austinmenssoccer.com/about-amsa/amsa-policies/onion-creek-soccer-complex-field-use-policy/)
  3. Because of the cost involved in opening and closing the complex and potential security problems, AMSA will not open the complex for field rental of fewer than four fields on a given day; however, AMSA will rent out available individual fields when other groups are renting fields at the complex (for example, Saturdays when the Austin Coed Soccer Association is playing).
  4. Any field rental requires a deposit at the time of rental. The field rental deposit is $500 except for individual field rentals where the total cost of the field rental is paid. A field reservation has not been made until the deposit has been paid. Payment of the full rental fee is required at least one week prior to a field reservations or that reservation is cancelled.
  5. Because the number of people and therefore vehicles for youth games is almost double that of adult games, AMSA reserves the right to limit the number of fields it rents for youth tournaments and league play.
  6. Fields cannot be rented for practice either by AMSA teams or other individuals and organizations.
  7. The field rental deposit will be forfeited in full if any parties associated with the Lessee are found to have damaged the field in any way, moved the goals, or are found to have driven unauthorized vehicles onto the field area (including the pathways next to the fields).