OCSC Field Facilitator position availalble

Austin Men’s Soccer Association is looking for a primary Field Facilitator.  This person is responsible for opening and closing the Onion Creek Soccer Complex on match days, hanging the goal nets, setting up trash cans and other equipment, and taking it all back down at the end of each day.  The position requires a responsible, communicative person, or ideally two people (husband & wife or family in order to more efficiently hang goal nets).  League play depends on this facilitator to be very dependable.

The position is offered on Saturdays and Sundays during league play and on occasional weekdays, following this calendar:

  • Fall: Weekend after Labor Day until early December
  • Spring: Mid-February to late May
  • Summer: Early June to mid-August

Set up time is: Opening 5:30 am – 8:30 am. Closing 4:30 pm – completion of check list (approx. 2.5 hours).

The pay for this position is $80 base plus $10 per field, per day set up – maximum 10 fields.  A bonus is paid at the end of each round if the contractor completes all AMSA Field Facilitator responsibilities thoroughly and on time.

Independent Contractor:  For tax reporting purposes, this individual will be an independent contractor (1099).

No benefits will be offered as part of this position.

The Field Facilitator’s responsibilities include:
Opening the Complex:

  1. Make decision on Field Conditions for playability.
  2. Unlock & open entry & exit gates.  Lock gates in the open position.
  3. Check Field conditions to ascertain if fields are playable.  In the event the fields may not be playable, call the AMSA Field Coordinator or other designated contact before 6:30 am to provide status of each field’s condition, discuss and resolve whether to open OCSC.
  4. If fields are deemed playable, unlock Compound gate & Mobile Mini.
  5. Unlock overflow parking entry gate & lock in place.
  6. Unlock pole in middle of service road entrance to fields.  Leave pole in place.  Remove lock and bar to allow emergency vehicles access to fields, when complex is open.   Secure lock and bar in Mule.
  7. Haul trash cans to fields.  Put trash bags in cans (do not just lie over side, but open the bags and properly line the cans).
  8. Place two nets; make sure to secure nets on goals with metal tabs attached to goals, and 4 corner flags on each field.
  9. Begin hanging nets.  Make sure to secure nets in the back.
  10. Return stepladders to storage shed before leaving complex.
  11. Transport referee table and coolers to location designated by referee coordinator; currently on the southeast end of Field 4.
  12. Inspect Portable Bathrooms and stock with toilet paper as needed.
  13. The Mule should be left parked between Fields 4 and 5 on the east end of the fields, with AED Defibrillator under the Hood.  Set the two “Do not Sit or Play on Tractor” signs in the ground facing outward on either side of the Mule.
  14. Do not leave ignition key with the Mule, when not in use or left unattended.
  15. Replace pole in middle of service road, if it had been removed during field setup

Closing the Complex:

  1. Remove pole in middle of service road entrance for access with Mule, if needed.
  2. Bag all trash and haul all trash and trash cans to Compound.  Throw trash bags in dumpster.
  3. Give notice to players remaining that the complex will be closing, while making the rounds collecting trash cans.
  4. Take down all nets from goals.
  5. Bag all nets in provided sacks and return for storage in the Mobile Mini.
  6. Return Referee Table and cooler for storage in Mobile Mimi.
  7. Return AED signs to Mobile Mini. Verify that AED is stored under Mule hood.
  8. Return Mule to Mobile Mini Compound.
  9. Replace pole in middle of service road & secure pole with bar and padlock that was stored in the Mule.
  10. Close & lock Mobile Mini & Compound.
  11. Close & lock overflow parking entry gate.
  12. Close & lock entry & exit gates to complex.

If you are interested in applying for this this position, please send a letter of interest and your resume by email to jobs@austinmenssoccer.com.