AMSA Lightning Policy

Lightning can strike quickly and unexpectedly, and it can be deadly. This policy must be taken seriously and followed carefully.

When to Act: Take safety precautions immediately if—
** You see lightning, or
** Detect lightning within ten (10) miles by means of a technological device.

If you can hear thunder, lighting may be within range. Be watchful for lightning. If thunder becomes louder, leave the field.

Decision-Makers: The Referee Coordinator or any Referee shall have the authority and responsibility to suspend play and implement the policy, and to determine whether and when to resume play.

Safety Precautions:
** Leave the field immediately.
** Seek shelter in your vehicle, if you are at Onion Creek Soccer Complex (OCSC).
** Seek shelter in the stone buildings or in your vehicle, if you are at Northeast Metro Park (NEMP).
** Do not seek shelter in trees or near any metal objects (other than your vehicle).
** Avoid high ground and water.

Resuming Play: Play may be resumed if it is clear that no lightning has been detected for twenty (20) minutes after the most recent detection.

Play shall be extended to the end of the scheduled time-slot, but not beyond. (By way of example, a 4:00 o’clock match shall be extended to 6:00 o’clock, daylight permitting, but may not be extended beyond 6:00.)

First Aid: Lightning victims need immediate attention. Call 911 or EMS immediately. Administer first aid immediately if you are qualified to do so. Lightning victims do not carry an electrical charge and are safe to treat.

Policy approved on September 1, 2015.