AMSA Appeal Process

If you received a red card during a match, the League will send you and/or your captain a “notice of penalties” email by the following Wednesday. Once you receive the notification, if you decide to appeal the red card, please follow the steps in the AMSA Appeal Process below.

Before you proceed, please note the following:

  1. The AMSA Discipline & Procedures (D&P) Committee does not automatically grant appeal hearings.
  2. Per AMSA Rule 5.7-4 (see below):
    • Disagreeing with the referee’s judgment or opinion is not a valid basis for an appeal.
    • Red cards for receiving 2 cautions cannot be appealed.

 AMSA Appeal Process

  1. Send an email stating the basis of your appeal to by 5 PM on the first Friday after you received the red card. Please be sure to include your team’s name, the opposing team’s name, and the date of the game in your appeal email.
    NOTE: If you have eyewitnesses who can give evidence in your favor, they should send an email to by the Friday deadline. It is not the responsibility of AMSA to gather this evidence on your behalf.
  2. You must sit out the first week after receiving a Red Card.
  3. The Discipline & Procedures Committee will then review your appeal.
    • If the D&P Committee unanimously determines that you have no valid basis for an appeal, then you will receive notification that your appeal has been denied without a hearing, and the fine and suspension will stand.
    • If the Committee determines that you have a valid basis for an appeal, then you will be informed of the Committee’s decision by email.
    • If the Committee determines that an appeal hearing is warranted (such as, in cases of referee assault or fighting), then you will be instructed to send a $50 Appeal Bond deposit check payable to: AMSA, 4408 Spicewood Springs Road, Austin, TX 78759, by the Friday before your scheduled appeal hearing. This check will be held until the outcome of your appeal hearing has been determined.
  4. If your appeal is granted and/or a hearing is scheduled, you are free to play (after you have served the mandatory one-game suspension after receiving the red card) until the outcome of your appeal has been determined. NOTE: In cases of referee assault or fighting, AMSA requires mandatory immediate suspension from all AMSA matches, pending appeal hearing.
  5. Do not pay your red card fine until the outcome of your appeal has been determined.
  6. If an appeal hearing is scheduled, AMSA will let you know the date of your appeal hearing at least 7 days in advance.

If you have any questions about the Appeal Process, please contact the AMSA administrator: or 512-795-8538.


a. A Referee’s decision on facts may not be appealed. Any facts contained in the match report or any supplemental report obtained from the Referee shall be conclusive of the facts, unless revised by the Referee before the hearing. The DISCIPLINE AND PROCEDURES COMMITTEE has no power to make a fact-finding that differs from the Referees statement of facts.

b. A Yellow Card offense may not be appealed. A Red Card issued for an accumulation of two Yellow Cards may not be appealed.